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Charles Firth is undertaking his own road to the White House during the US elections

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My America will try to get to the heart of America in the new millenium


The streets of LA, New York, Miami, and Atlanta are where the urban roots of rap music are found

How Italian immigrants and an American president built Australia's richest goldmine

The political and socio-economic legacy of US military bases around the world

How the 'White Australia' policy affected U.S. Troops based in Australia during World War II

Against the backdrop of a conservative political environment, gay couples are testing the boundaries of traditional marriage and family values, and are overcoming considerable legal and cultural limitations to have children. Man Made: The Story of…

Witnesses two powerful performance artists, Ningali Lawford and James Luna, using humour & drama to confront the prejudices about indigenous people in Australia and the USA. This is their four day encounter over a satellite video link spanning the…
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