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Medical detection, cannibalism and sorcery amidst the Fore people of Papua New Guinea

Indigenous art and personal beliefs in the heart of Paris. Ep titles: 1.Farewell Primitive, 2.Songlines of the Seine

The history of Asian food through culture and history

In a remote corner of Indigenous Australia, in Northeast Arnhem Land, a boy will soon become a man. His father has told him that his initiation will be soon.

Former child soldiers from Sudan break the taboo against cooking

The social history of the Jacaranda festival through the eyes of the Jacaranda Queens

An epic Indigenous tale of love set in the 19th century at the moment the Yolngu people's world changed forever

The Lore Of Love explores the relationship between Jessie, a shy 18 year old girl and her outgoing and mischievous grandmothers.

Endangered examines the difficulties faced by young women in trying to find eligible Aboriginal men.

For Australian documentary filmmaker John Darling, the tragic events of 12 October 2002 compelled him to re-establish his links with Bali that spanned some 30 years. John had lived, researched and made films in Bali for 17 years from the 1970s to the…

The origins and evolution of the myth of the 'Pacific Woman'.

Cultural differences between neighbours

There are only a few great tales of true resistance in our nations

The 'slow food' movement encourages local produce and consumption in the face of the bland multinational agribusiness of fast food.

A fisherman loses his livlihood after a mining disaster.

Explores the private world of Indian royalty.

The boulevard of christmas lights in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.

A filmmakers search for identity at a Samoan wedding. Ep.12.Samoans.

Indigenous birthing practices in Canada and Australia.

The coming of age of three aboriginal boys in north-east Arnhem Land.

The Monks' lives are turned upside down when they are forced to move to a garish pub across the road during renovations. ONCE WERE MONKS is the story of what happens when this tight-knit community is thrown into the outside world.

A social worker who practices traditional Swazi rituals in Albany.

The imperative of a small town to survive in a new world.

An old woman tells her daughter of her arranged marriage (in language).

Generational conflicts in a Vietnamese family in Melbourne.

A black tracker must choose between loyalty and his ancestral soul.

One of China's oldest cultural traditions, the family circus.

A look at fafafines, young boys raised as girls in Western Samoa.

An aboriginal couple broke tribal law and ran away together. Another man was sent to kill them but they escaped into the dessert. Half a century later the would-be executioner leads an expedition into remote WA to find out if they are still alive…

A ritual that crosses race, culture and class - the debutante ball

Six young NESB people growing up fast in urban Australia, some well protected, some very exposed, but all trying to live with the confusing mix of traditional family values and a modern life-style

Contemporary Life in Bougainville.

This video is a dramatization of a "payback" for and Aboriginal man after his release from goal.

Folklore, legends, and ritual from the Pacific islands. Sources include: Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Fiji, Philippines, Samoa, PNG.

The art of tracking

Explores the ancient Arabic dance form Raks Shaqui, misinterpreted in the west as "belly dancing", and its rise in popularity among western women

An exploration of the counter culture flourishing behind the facade of Japan Inc. reveals a collection of bizarre dissidents.
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