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Australian migrants recall the glory days of 1970s disco clubs

A celebration of Vivaldi's Four Seasons across the globe

A gay history of Australia

The story of Taring Padi, a revolutionary art movement in Indonesia.

Witnesses two powerful performance artists, Ningali Lawford and James Luna, using humour & drama to confront the prejudices about indigenous people in Australia and the USA. This is their four day encounter over a satellite video link spanning the…

The series combines a selection of regular segments with many one-offs focusing on a variety of disparate subjects, all set within the confines of one of the few remaining groovy independent record retailers in Melbourne, Greville Records. The first…

The politics and perils of the mosh pit.

The sexual label has become a political tool which can either empower or dispossess its user. What about people the labels don't fit?

The burgeoning music festival circuit

Twenty two years after the 1973 Aquarius Festival which heralded the beginnings of Nimbin's colourful counter-culture, this video examines the town's lifestyles and the polarities which have arisen. In a wider context it traces social and cultural…

Drawing on the combined knowledge of Eastern and western medicine, this programme reveals techniques and therapies to achieve true health and harmony.

An exploration of the counter culture flourishing behind the facade of Japan Inc. reveals a collection of bizarre dissidents.

Looks at the growing trend of tribalism and the new Feral movement in Australia and around the world. Poses the question: Are these people parasites or pioneers?
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