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A new group of nerds are tested in the game of football

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Two of the best gay rugby teams in the word face each other off

The rise of women's football in Australia

Lionel Rose, Australia's first world champion boxing hero - the man behind the myth.

A Bosnian-Australian boxer returns to the ring against his families wishes

A competition to find an anthem fo the Soceceroos

Transforming a group of nerds into a football team. Ep Titles: 1.From nerd to Player; 2.From Individual to Team; 3.From Shy to Bold; 4.From Afraid to Brave; 5.From Mice to Men; 6.From Nerd to Beckham; 7.The Rematch; 8.The Final Challenge

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What football means to Australians

The problems facing grass roots football in rural Australia

Cricket as seen through the comedic eyes of Steve Abbott

What's the real origin of the world cup?

The story of Johnny Warren and his contribution to soccer in Australia

A film about women and football, from fans to fanatics to girlfriends.

Bridgette Muir is the first Australian to climb the seven highest peaks on the seven continents.

A single mothers journey from legal secretary to sword-wielding Gladiatrix.

George Tabban is retiring after years of playing godfather to Melbourne's female body building champions

Did Grandpa really cheat to win his gold medal at the Veteran Olympics and does it really matter

A glimpse into the arcane working class world of a professional wrestler

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The provocative story of Australia's talented women jockeys and their determination to win against the odds - in this case the men of Australian racing

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In Prospect Bay, a remote outpost on the South Australian coast, two communities, the Goonyas (whites) and the Nungas (blacks), come together on the one field they have in common, the football field. But the underlying racism and class warfare…

Natalie Cardwell runs a mobile soccer clinic

The wheeling and dealing behind global soccer that has undergirded Asia's emergence as a major power in World Soccer.

Bondi's resistance to the Olympic vollyball stadium.

An Indigenous surfing festival.

A social history of Darwin as told by the real insiders - the Buffalo Football Club veterans. Fighting racism and discrimination on the football field in this frontier town.

A surf safari by three girls.

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An inside look at a traditionally Greek soccer club, which in the face of declining numbers must embrace cultural diversity in its new players
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