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The story of the lovers who inspired a four-month hostage crisis in Peru in 1997

Provides insight into the politics of poverty in twenty-first century Argentina. In the most affluent area in Buenos Aires, Raul Castells, an admirer of Che Guevara and a man driven to change his world, opens a community kitchen to feed the city's…

Does Argentine presidential candidate, Lilita, have what it takes to save her nation from debt and corruption

A journey along the Napo river in Equador to the Amazon.

Filmmaker Dean Jefferys' return to the Amazon.

An eight-year-old Australian girl living in Buenos Aires with her diplomat parents is exposed to the vagaries of sex and love through her young charismatic Argentine maid. Vivid recollections are juxtaposed with glimpses of the girl as an adult back…

An incident in South America.

Story of Australian Green Activist and his fight to save Ecuador rainforest.

A young Australian woman returns to Chile to rediscover the country and culture she left behind when she was six years old. She follows the route her ancestor, Ingnacio Domeyko, took when he left Poland to journey to Chile.
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