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A new group of nerds are tested in the game of football

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The rise of women's football in Australia

Transforming a group of nerds into a football team. Ep Titles: 1.From nerd to Player; 2.From Individual to Team; 3.From Shy to Bold; 4.From Afraid to Brave; 5.From Mice to Men; 6.From Nerd to Beckham; 7.The Rematch; 8.The Final Challenge

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What's the real origin of the world cup?

The story of Johnny Warren and his contribution to soccer in Australia

Natalie Cardwell runs a mobile soccer clinic

The wheeling and dealing behind global soccer that has undergirded Asia's emergence as a major power in World Soccer.

An inside look at a traditionally Greek soccer club, which in the face of declining numbers must embrace cultural diversity in its new players
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