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Wundinna offers free land in the hope of attracting fresh energy and resources to the town

Sixteen-year-old Alice Palmer drowns while swimming in the local dam, near the town of Ararat. After she is laid to rest, her family start experiencing a series of strange and inexplicable events.

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The ambitious city lawyer tackles the legal system of the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia. 1:Sorry Business, 2:Reading the Signs, 3:The Fallout, 4:The Devil You Know, 5:Of Mice and Men, 6:Swings and Roundabouts

Which Aussie bush bachelors from the first series managed to keep their brides

Racial history told through the inhabitants of a retirement town

Australia through the eyes of Cathy Freeman and Luke Carroll.

Series of four beautiful and intimate stories about organic farmers

It follows the experiences of an overseas-trained doctor from Scotland who responded to advertisements and two new graduates to take up GP positions in remote outback communities in the vast expanse of Western Australia.

The problems facing grass roots football in rural Australia

Local Residents do battle against advancing cane toads.

Aboriginal artist Gordon and photographer Elaine share a love that transcends racial and cultural boundaries.

A small band of devotees strive to stage the biggest Elvis Presley festival

New series exploring the possibility of love between rural Australian men and Canadian women

Shot in the Kimberley and designed to familiarise Australians with Indignous place names

Shot in regional Victoria and designed to familiarise Australians with Indigenous place names

Cathy Freeman and Deborah Mailman present Lonely Planet's Guide to Indigenous Australia. Eps 1.The Kimberly, 2.Rodeo Country, 3.Croc Country, 4.Arnhem Land

Publicity materials for the television series filmed on Masig Island in the Torres Strait

Austen Tayshus investigates the clash between developers and greenies in a small town

The social history of the Jacaranda festival through the eyes of the Jacaranda Queens

An educational success story from the remote Northern territory

Four bush bachelors sign up for a dating initiative in the hope of finding the perfect woman.

An epic Indigenous tale of love set in the 19th century at the moment the Yolngu people's world changed forever

The unusual trial cases of Western Australia's outback magistrates court

The Stock Squad track down cattle thieves in Queensland

Helen McCarthy struggles drought to keep her cattle alive

Family conflict Italian style, a young man returns to the isolated fishing village where he grew up.

In a winter landscape of rural Australia, an adolescent girl discovers the difference between sex and love.

Life and death in the world's most remote major hospital

A glimpse of the community of Walgett through the eyes of their doctor, Dr Vlad Matic.

Did fallout from nuclear testing contaminate Australia's milk supply?

A young girl tries to figure out sex and all that stuff

First time teachers sent to an outback high school

The story of the pursuit of gold in the Timbarra plateau

New age mountain men

Steven Craig manages a highly successful cattle station for its traditional owners, the Mistake Creek community. Situated on the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, the property has earned a reputation for its cattle and is…

Life in Western Australian wheat belt

A tale about a family living in outback Australia who are saved from a drought by a magical bead-necklace which turns into a billabong.

Indigenous Artists living in Balgo Hills region travel across country.

A secret society in WA's wheat belt.

The coming of age of three aboriginal boys in north-east Arnhem Land.

Mullet is about a sweet fish that no one wants to eat. It's about wild card Eddie Maloney, whose nickname is Mullet. And it's about life in a sleepy country fishing town. But most of all, it's about life, family, making do with what you're got and…

An outback romance with elements of magic realism.

A look at Australian fishing grounds.

The Fitzroy River, in the Kimberley region of Australia's north west, is a location of contending readings of 'landscape' and 'country', promising radically divergent futures for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians as developers seek to dam the…

The wildflower growers and marketers of Western Australia.

Describes a young Koori girl's struggle to make her dreams come true. Highlights the cultural conflict of the girl's Koori background and her white relationships.

This short film follows the journey of two country boys, one white and one black, who find themselves out of place in the hustle and bustle of a big city. Here in this unfamiliar environment, they may just learn that they are not as different as they…

Wildfish is a series about fishing in Australia and New Zealand. Peter Morse is a well known angler and fishing journalist who introduces some of his favourite fishing locations, local identities and the fish that make these areas so special and…

Features the work of Sister Ann-Maree Jensen, a 40 year old Catholic nun, who flies her single engine Cessna to some of the most remote outback areas to fulfil her pastoral role, sharing hopes, dreams, joys and sorrows with mainly outback women.

Two families from the drought striken Chinchilla district in Southern QLD struggle for survival
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