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Two middle-aged couples and their feelings.

In Unit 16b at Platypus Rise Flats, two hard and damaged women living on a diet of soapies, sarcasm and frustration are about to reach breaking point. A bad day becomes worse by the hour and to top it off, the toilet won't flush.

A couple of desperate men agree to train a greyhound.

The misadventures of recently paralyzed man and his equally handicapped friends.

Mullet is about a sweet fish that no one wants to eat. It's about wild card Eddie Maloney, whose nickname is Mullet. And it's about life in a sleepy country fishing town. But most of all, it's about life, family, making do with what you're got and…

An outback romance with elements of magic realism.

Coping with the demands of motherhood, Vicki, a young artist, escapes into an ill-conceived love affair. This only makes matters worse, throwing her and the household into emotional turmoil.

One night in the lives and loves of six young people who work in a pizza delivery shop. Over the course of 24 hours their lives will collide, changing them forever.

Instead of having careers, kids, influence and money Jack, Kit and E are having fun! Or are they?

A portrait of ethics, loyalties and morality in the late 20th century.

A multicultural love story

Universal mating patterns as seen through the eyes of three Australian men.

An old woman tells her daughter of her arranged marriage (in language).

In Japan, a married Western couple seek, and find, a third person, a Japanese girl, to stimulate their jaded love-making.

A couple struggle to bring their TV home.

An awkward young couple spend their first night apart (in language)

Musical about the rite of passage of an Aboriginal boy caught between two worlds.
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