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One New Years Eve 1991, 56 Chinese refugees landed in a wooden boat, code-named Isabella, on the shores of far north western Australia. After week in the desert all survived but were soon placed in detention at Port Hedland

Examines the world-wide demonstrations against the Tehran regime, focussing on the attack on the Iranian embassy in Canberra on April 6 1992 filmed by SBS. Looks at the reasons for the demonstration, the people involved and the subsequent trial,…

The lives of two Timorese-Australian women who devote their lives to the East Timorese stryggle, one of whom returns following indpendence to help rebuild the country.

A lawyers battle to find homes for Vietnamese boat people.

Detainees at Woomera's detention centre tell their stories.

The complexity of the Afghan refugee experience

In the Town of Young, a love story unfolds in a community beset by good intentions, a racist history and some newly arrived Afghan asylum seekers

The human cost of international people smuggling and trafficking. Ep Titles: 1.Human Cargo, 2.Slaves of the Free Market

The plight of women and children caught up in prostitution's trade routes across Asia and Australia

The sinking of the SIEV4 and how it changed the lives of the crew of the HMAS Adelaide

A group of survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp meet each year for a ball

Afnan Alababby, 3, spent four years in an Australian detention centre

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Refugee families from Burma and Sudan discover the joys and challenges of their new Australian home.

A cross-state initiative exploring the experience of being a refugee in Australia.

The story of four Australians previously under surveillance by ASIO, whose files have now been made available.
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