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A young cop tries new methods to police a housing commission project

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Explores the complexities of first world aid to the third world

The lives and dreams of homeless people around the globe

A young Iraqi boy sells bullets for a living

Provides insight into the politics of poverty in twenty-first century Argentina. In the most affluent area in Buenos Aires, Raul Castells, an admirer of Che Guevara and a man driven to change his world, opens a community kitchen to feed the city's…

Community worker Henry Nissen takes us onto the mean streets of inner city Melbourne.

A recently seperated woman continues to care for a homeless man.

In the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, a grass roots family makes a precarious living by trading in betelnut, one of the world's most widely used narcotics.

A couple of desperate men agree to train a greyhound.

The fourth million dollar movie with AFC. A young Victorian boy's perspective on family life, growing up poor, and being on the run from institutional care

Two men in their 60s who try to scheme their way out of poverty.


Documents 17 days in the lives of a group of homeless teenagers who were chosen to take part in a kind of welfare/filmmaking experiment from documentary maker, Garry McKechnie.

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A young lesbian street kid faces the prospect of death from AIDS.

Story of "Catwitch", a heavy metal music band; battling unemployment and poverty
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