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The story of four Australians previously under surveillance by ASIO, whose files have now been made available.

In September 2006, Chinese soldiers shot a group of pilgrims as they fled Tibet. International mountain climbers filmed the shooting, helped rescue survivors and bravely broadcast their story to the world. Both sides risked their lives. Why?

Charles Firth is undertaking his own road to the White House during the US elections

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Shaun Micalief's savvy and satirical news show, season 1 (10 episodes) and season 2 (10 episodes)


The 19th century story of how a struggle for democracy became a struggle for survival

A six part documentary series which puts Australian youth under the microscope to reveal what they really think and feel about the big issues: religion, politics, adulthood, housing and community engagement.

The Howard government and its impact on Australia

The re-election campaign of the Governor of Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands province. A Story about how 'a massacre of an election' was avoided and became triumph of emerging democracy.

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Shaun Micallef's topical news comedy show


The history of the Australian labour party

The Australia Federal Police find adventure and challenges in the region as they join the multinational police force known as the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) and embark on a tour of duty in East Timor.

VOTE 'YES' FOR ABORIGINES recognises and celebrates the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, the political milestone that overturned Australian constitutional law to allow Aboriginal people to be counted as Australian citizens in their own…

Austen Tayshus investigates the clash between developers and greenies in a small town

How the 'White Australia' policy affected U.S. Troops based in Australia during World War II

Australian intelligence assessments from September 11 to the Iraq War

The truth behind the public image of a former Australian Prime Minister

Provides insight into the politics of poverty in twenty-first century Argentina. In the most affluent area in Buenos Aires, Raul Castells, an admirer of Che Guevara and a man driven to change his world, opens a community kitchen to feed the city's…

Life at a radical Brisbane radio station during the time of Premier, Joh Bjelke Petersen

The Story of Australian, David Hicks, imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba without charges and awaiting trial by military court. (NB: Narrator, Curtis Levy; David Hicks' letters read by Brendam Cowell)

Does Argentine presidential candidate, Lilita, have what it takes to save her nation from debt and corruption

The life of anti-nuclear campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott

The Safe House is a half-hour animation based on a true story - a young girl's innocent perspective of one of the most talked about moments in Australia

The complexity of the Afghan refugee experience

Gough Whitlam reflects on his life and political times

Indonesian fishermen detained in Broome prison

Events surrounding the murder of six of Indonesian's generals in 1965 have always been surrounded by controversy. This documentary takes advantage of recently declassified documents to try reconstruct what really happened, and also shows the extent…

History and politics in Sri Lanka.

"Starting From Zero" is a story about three people exiled from East Timor in their youth. Twenty-four years later, they

The purchase of Jackson Pollack's 'Blue Poles'

Forty years after the revolution.

Two-part documentary about the privitisation of prisons in the USA and Australia.

Asia Pacific Filmmakers record social changes. Narrators: Diana Brown, Hugo Weaving.

The Diplomat takes up Ramos Horta's story in the final dramatic stages of his long journey - the fall of Indonesia's President Suharto, the referendum to determine East Timor's future, the overwhelming vote for independence, the devastating carnage…

A variety of young Hong Kong residents describe their present lifestyles and what may happen after the 30.6.97. handover of Hong Kong to China, by Britain.

Examines the world-wide demonstrations against the Tehran regime, focussing on the attack on the Iranian embassy in Canberra on April 6 1992 filmed by SBS. Looks at the reasons for the demonstration, the people involved and the subsequent trial,…

One New Years Eve 1991, 56 Chinese refugees landed in a wooden boat, code-named Isabella, on the shores of far north western Australia. After week in the desert all survived but were soon placed in detention at Port Hedland

A documentary about the criminal culture known as 'Raskolism' in the urban and rural areas of Papua New Guinea. This story is told by the groups of Raskols themselves

Humanitarian peace-keeping mission in Somalia, spearheaded by America, ended in a violent battle. Documentary investigates the stand-off against warlord General Aideed.
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