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A man with cerebral palsy takes on the world

How Richard Moir coped with the onset of Parkinson's disease.

Aaron and Vinnie Pedersen are two brothers who have been each other's shadow. Aaron has established a successful career as an actor, all the while being responsible for the care of Vinnie, who has mild intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy. MY…

This film observes the power struggles of an unusual group of musicians where definitions around disability, talent, dysfunction and equality are blown wide open.

Swift and Shift Couriers is an Australian comedy television series that first screened on SBS TV in October 2008. The series is produced, directed and written by Paul Fenech, who was also responsible for the comedy series Pizza. It is set around the…

How people with disabilities overcome hurdles

Drama series that looks at love in a whole new way

Describes how people with disabilities have overcome these difficulties to pursue new careers. Eps 1.School girl to actor, 2.Policy officer to chef, 3.Barman to real estate wiz, 4.Roller driver to animal carer.

The story of four short stature people from Sydney's western suburbs

A year in the life of students, teachers and parents at the Victorian College for the Deaf

This is the journey of a man suffering from Parkinson's disease. Ross Collins tells of his past twelve years' experiences of living with Parkinson's. Before, he had a steady job with Victoria Police, with promising future prospects; and was happily…

This imaginative documentary tells the story of a dominatrix with Marfan syndrome. It examines Jabe

The impact of cochlear implantation.

The misadventures of recently paralyzed man and his equally handicapped friends.

A Perth woman's battle with Mesothiloma

Inspirational story of a cystic fibrosis sufferer

Portrait of Canadian artist John Callaghan

The odd biography of a man who has Tourette's Syndrome, chronic bad luck, menial jobs, nudist tendencies, and a book of "fakts" hung around his neck.

Kate is on a plane taking Warren, her 18 year old Torres Strait Islander foster son, to meet Flo, his birth mother, who is gravely ill in hospital in Brisbane. Flo hasn't seen Warren since she took him to the hospital on Thursday Island when he was a…

The misadventures of recently paralyzed man and his equally handicapped friends.

The dilemmas and depth of feeling in a family where the centre of attention is a limbless child.

The lead character of Rolf de Heer's film, Dance Me My Song, attends the Cannes Film Festival.

This video is about Kath Duncan, a one-armed, one-legged young radio broadcaster on her journey of self-discovery. Through her eyes we take a look at the world of amputees and their devotees, that is, people, generally men, who are sexually attracted…

Emily, 4, is deaf, blind in one eye, and intellectually handicapped.

Explores a unique but ignored cultural enclave. This is the world of the deaf. The artist Peter Adams introduces us to a group of Australians who have been deprived of language and identity

This film gives a voice to people with disabilities on the issue of sexuality. Their compelling stories reveal their search for intimacy and acceptance...
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