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Medical detection, cannibalism and sorcery amidst the Fore people of Papua New Guinea

The re-election campaign of the Governor of Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands province. A Story about how 'a massacre of an election' was avoided and became triumph of emerging democracy.

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In the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, a grass roots family makes a precarious living by trading in betelnut, one of the world's most widely used narcotics.

The experiences of young people in PNG highlands.

On Bougainville, a broken community is turning to tradition to heal the rifts caused by a decade of armed conflict. The 1998 ceasefire may have stopped neighbour killing neighbour but the legacy remains - loss, anger, pain, distrust and a desire for…

Contemporary Life in Bougainville.

Folklore, legends, and ritual from the Pacific islands. Sources include: Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Fiji, Philippines, Samoa, PNG.

Explores the processes and issues of the documentary experience through interviews with filmmakers who have witnessed an extraordinary period in PNG's unique history

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A documentary about the criminal culture known as 'Raskolism' in the urban and rural areas of Papua New Guinea. This story is told by the groups of Raskols themselves
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