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Takes us into the homes of 7 children from different cultures, educations and income levels, focusing on the parents expectations for their child in the future, and revealing the discrepancies in choices and opportunities

A young Australian woman returns to Chile to rediscover the country and culture she left behind when she was six years old. She follows the route her ancestor, Ingnacio Domeyko, took when he left Poland to journey to Chile.

A six-part documentary series which follows the lives of six ordinary Australians from their own perspective. Each of the six is in the middle of a deep personal crisis.

In the style of an oral history, the series documents moving accounts of the lives of migrants from Europe and Asia during the immediate post-war period of 1946 - 1952.

The story of extraordinary muscians who have migrated to Australia.

A social history of Darwin as told by the real insiders - the Buffalo Football Club veterans. Fighting racism and discrimination on the football field in this frontier town.

Six young NESB people growing up fast in urban Australia, some well protected, some very exposed, but all trying to live with the confusing mix of traditional family values and a modern life-style

A ritual that crosses race, culture and class - the debutante ball

WW2 experiences of an Australian soldier of Chinese decent

The story of the engaging Somalian owners of Melbourne's Dhodaan Caf̩.

Thirty something, professional, hyper-busy, from a NESB background living in Australia, and too busy to find the right person in the traditional ways.

Italian builders and their community of family and friends, a community which helped build this country from its concrete foundations up.

Vietnamese brothers and the murder of their parents.

Generational conflicts in a Vietnamese family in Melbourne.

Animated anthology series

52 minute showcase of short animated films was commissioned in partnership with the AFC

26 minute showcase of short animated films was commissioned in partnership with the AFC following success of "1"

The final part of the UNCLE, COUSIN and BROTHER trilogy. BROTHER is again, a short narrated memory about the author's brother who is afflicted with asthma.

Emily, 4, is deaf, blind in one eye, and intellectually handicapped.

An Indian/ Australian filmmaker explores the legacy of her two grandmothers.

The grandson of a former Hungarian Prime Minister returns home.

The revealing portrait of young musical prodigy Hephzibah Menuhin.

A Greek-Australian comes to terms with his ethnic identity.

A multicultural love story

Confusion and identity loss by third generation Chinese/Australians.

A social worker who practices traditional Swazi rituals in Albany.

Strong cross-cultural comparisons about memory and migration.

The trial and tribulation of a revitalised Armenian theatre troupe.

The story of the Sikh community in Woolgoolga, NSW

Compelling oral history of migrants. Narrator: Mary Kostakidis

A series of 7x1/2hr dramas set in Bondi apartment block and celebrating multicultural life and cooking.

Three Japanese families settle on the Gold Coast.

A young Malaysian/Indian man arrives in Melbourne to study medicine.

An eight-year-old Australian girl living in Buenos Aires with her diplomat parents is exposed to the vagaries of sex and love through her young charismatic Argentine maid. Vivid recollections are juxtaposed with glimpses of the girl as an adult back…

The social phenomenon, particularly in migrant areas, of pyramid selling

The story of a group of women from the Horn of Africa and their new life in Melbourne.

The story of cinematographer Christopher Doyle and his life in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Dramatised film based on the slide show written by William Yang.

Looks beyond the negative media coverage of Cabramatta, examining the "human face" of the troubled Sydney suburb, known as the heroin capital of Australia and a centre of Asian crime since the 1994 murder of local MP John Newman.

Lithuania's 20th century is explored through life of the filmmaker's uncle Chatzkel.

Four one-hour docos which look at small business in multicultural Australia. Narrator: H.G. Nelson

Lola, a hot-blooded Spaniard, is deserted by her husband for a cool and calculating Aussie blonde. Lola is pregnant again but she and their daughter Lucia are left to starve while Ricardo spends all their savings on a sleek new set of wheels for his…

Upholding Islamic traditions in Australia. Ep.8.Turks

A Bangladeshi photographer and his sons relationship. Ep.10.Bangladeshis.

A filmmaker haunted by his grandfather's fascist past. Ep.11.Italians

A personal homage to TV star Bert Newton. Ep1. Greek

The producer's parents and their trans-national relaitonship. Ep.13.Greeks

A couple seek to adopt a South Korean child.

A filmmakers search for identity at a Samoan wedding. Ep.12.Samoans.

Socialising at Parramatta's shopping mall. Ep.4.Lebannese
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