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Traces the Patriotic ambitions of a fair dinkum, singing Indian cabbie

Neighbours join forces to create a community soccer team

A special friendship develops between a white Australian woman and her Ethiopian neighbour

Kosova Australian, Sel Beha, returns to his homeland after 16 years to attend his brother's wedding.

A young Australian pupeteer tries to win the hand of a 19-year-old Muslim Pakistani girl

Family conflict Italian style, a young man returns to the isolated fishing village where he grew up.

Portraits of Australian Family Life: 1.The Chakos Family: 3 generations under one roof; 2.The Puckeridge Family: 5 children under ten; 3.The Kapsalides Family: Mum and two daughters

Cultural differences between neighbours

Steve 'The Sandman' Abbott takes his mother back to their ancestral home in Siberia to meet his long lost relatives - or are they? Part documentary, part travelogue, part Beverly Hillbillies

When a Melbourne couple decide to adopt Petra a small Croation girl, they embark on an emotional roller-coaster that uncovers a tragic past and raises some moral questions.

Australia's domestic past captured in home movies, old home movies recut for interstitials for television

The complexity of the Afghan refugee experience

The life and work of Chinese painter (in exile in Australia), Nancy King (Ming Yu)

Caring for the survivors of the Holocaust

A remarkable documentary about 47 year old Iranian woman who flees to Australia with her children only to end up falling in love with a 77 year old digger.

The misadventures of recently paralyzed man and his equally handicapped friends.

Three, 3 minute animation pilots from experienced animators were commissioned with a view to co-financing an animation series.

Memories of an immigrant from Poland

Portrait of artisitc director Gideon Obarzanek.

Welcome to the Waks Family is a portrait of the largest natural family in Australia. The parents

Family saga spanning three generations across three countries.

The series combines a selection of regular segments with many one-offs focusing on a variety of disparate subjects, all set within the confines of one of the few remaining groovy independent record retailers in Melbourne, Greville Records. The first…

Greek-Australian host 'Effie' wittily tackles burning issues facing ordinary Australians, collecting the opinions of a cross-section of the community

10 x5min series with Adam Elliott

Australia's top animators

The odd biography of a man who has Tourette's Syndrome, chronic bad luck, menial jobs, nudist tendencies, and a book of "fakts" hung around his neck.

A young boy brought up Scottish. Ep.3.Scottish

Barney and Dimi search for their father. Ep.6.Greeks

Life of a Vietnamese-Australian girl. Ep.5.Vietnamese

Four 3 min dramas: 1.The Dress Circle, 2.Of Middle Eastern Appearance, 3.Give it to me White Boy, 4.Orange Season

After the death of a friend, a household of long time friends and family are tossed into the myopic world of grief, where jealousy, betrayal and desire override more polite reactions to death.

The filmmaker seeks her lost Russian aunt. Ep.7.Russians

Socialising at Parramatta's shopping mall. Ep.4.Lebannese

A filmmakers search for identity at a Samoan wedding. Ep.12.Samoans.

A couple seek to adopt a South Korean child.

The producer's parents and their trans-national relaitonship. Ep.13.Greeks

A personal homage to TV star Bert Newton. Ep1. Greek

A filmmaker haunted by his grandfather's fascist past. Ep.11.Italians

A Bangladeshi photographer and his sons relationship. Ep.10.Bangladeshis.

Upholding Islamic traditions in Australia. Ep.8.Turks

Lola, a hot-blooded Spaniard, is deserted by her husband for a cool and calculating Aussie blonde. Lola is pregnant again but she and their daughter Lucia are left to starve while Ricardo spends all their savings on a sleek new set of wheels for his…

Four one-hour docos which look at small business in multicultural Australia. Narrator: H.G. Nelson

Lithuania's 20th century is explored through life of the filmmaker's uncle Chatzkel.

Looks beyond the negative media coverage of Cabramatta, examining the "human face" of the troubled Sydney suburb, known as the heroin capital of Australia and a centre of Asian crime since the 1994 murder of local MP John Newman.

Dramatised film based on the slide show written by William Yang.

The story of cinematographer Christopher Doyle and his life in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The story of a group of women from the Horn of Africa and their new life in Melbourne.

The social phenomenon, particularly in migrant areas, of pyramid selling

An eight-year-old Australian girl living in Buenos Aires with her diplomat parents is exposed to the vagaries of sex and love through her young charismatic Argentine maid. Vivid recollections are juxtaposed with glimpses of the girl as an adult back…
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