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A cross-state initiative exploring the experience of being a refugee in Australia.

New Immigrants learn how to drive taxi's Australian style


A real boy from Oz who made it big in Italy as one of the three Le Sorelle Bandiera

The story of Greek migration in the 60s

It follows the experiences of an overseas-trained doctor from Scotland who responded to advertisements and two new graduates to take up GP positions in remote outback communities in the vast expanse of Western Australia.

The story of three young Ethiopian Australians who return home to reconect with their friends, family and culture

From Shanghai to 1960s suburban Australia, comes a tale of passion and betrayal

Australian resident Natasha Loboto helps Russian women to migrate to Australia

Kosova Australian, Sel Beha, returns to his homeland after 16 years to attend his brother's wedding.

Oral and visual history of a Russian Aboriginal Family that spans Australia's 20th century, an epic love story pf a Russian nobleman and his aboriginal wife.

In the Town of Young, a love story unfolds in a community beset by good intentions, a racist history and some newly arrived Afghan asylum seekers

A lawyers battle to find homes for Vietnamese boat people.

A remarkable documentary about 47 year old Iranian woman who flees to Australia with her children only to end up falling in love with a 77 year old digger.

Memories of an immigrant from Poland

Family saga spanning three generations across three countries.

The odd biography of a man who has Tourette's Syndrome, chronic bad luck, menial jobs, nudist tendencies, and a book of "fakts" hung around his neck.

The story of cinematographer Christopher Doyle and his life in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The story of a group of women from the Horn of Africa and their new life in Melbourne.

Three Japanese families settle on the Gold Coast.

Asia Pacific Filmmakers record social changes. Narrators: Diana Brown, Hugo Weaving.

A co-production on the history of the Irish Diaspora.

Compelling oral history of migrants. Narrator: Mary Kostakidis

Strong cross-cultural comparisons about memory and migration.

Emily, 4, is deaf, blind in one eye, and intellectually handicapped.

History of migration of British orphans to south-west WA in the 1960s.

The story of extraordinary muscians who have migrated to Australia.

An Australian film tells the story of a Hong Kong family's culture shock on migrating to Australia to join their daughter and her husband.

In the style of an oral history, the series documents moving accounts of the lives of migrants from Europe and Asia during the immediate post-war period of 1946 - 1952.

A young Australian woman returns to Chile to rediscover the country and culture she left behind when she was six years old. She follows the route her ancestor, Ingnacio Domeyko, took when he left Poland to journey to Chile.
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