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The hidden world of sleep and sleep disorders. Pt. 1. Awake is the new sleep (56 min.)

The major life stages experienced by men and .

Race relations in a major city hospital

Explores the state of Australian fertility through individual families. Ep Titles: 1. Search for a donor; 2.Donor Generation

It follows the experiences of an overseas-trained doctor from Scotland who responded to advertisements and two new graduates to take up GP positions in remote outback communities in the vast expanse of Western Australia.

If today's flu doesn't get us, history tells us that another one will

Australian scientist Howard Florey, and the team who created the miracle cure, penicillan

At Sydney's Canterbury Hospital nearly 80 %of the mothers-to-be were born outside Australia. As well as catering for this cultural diversity and managing their special needs staff must, as always, judge when to let nature take its course and when to…

This imaginative documentary tells the story of a dominatrix with Marfan syndrome. It examines Jabe

Life and death in the world's most remote major hospital

A newborn and paediatric emergency transport retrieval team at work

A glimpse of the community of Walgett through the eyes of their doctor, Dr Vlad Matic.

The technology exists to allow us to design our own babies and Australian doctors are in the forefront of the genetics race. But is it a good thing?

The story of the discovery of Lithium, a drug that changed psychiatry and people's lives forever.

Is there a connection between the invention of pharmaceuticals and the discovery of new medical syndromes and conditions for which they might prove affective?

RAN is an Australian television program, filmed entirely on Masig Island in the tropical Torres Strait north of the Cape York Peninsula, the northernmost part of Australia, and the border with Papua New Guinea.
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