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In September 2006, Chinese soldiers shot a group of pilgrims as they fled Tibet. International mountain climbers filmed the shooting, helped rescue survivors and bravely broadcast their story to the world. Both sides risked their lives. Why?

The story of Australian Phillip Blenkinsop, an award winning photjournalist making his living in the war zones of the world

The legacy and moral conundrums of this controversial journalist

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Follows the varied and unpredictable lives of six Australian journalists reporting from around the world


The history of Australia's relationship with East Timor

Three Australian-Afghani brothers return to Afghanistan to set up a media empire

Journalists speak about ethics and work practices (2 episode series extension, orig. 01-02)


Brett Sprague is a violent and psychopathic man, who is released on parole after serving a sentence for assault. As he returns to his family house and we watch him and his brothers, Stevie and Glenn, for the next 24 hours, it becomes clear this day…

1996 election campaign


An examination of the impact of the right-leaning talkback radio hosts of Australia. Featuring interviews with Alan Jones, Stan Zamanek, Ron Casey and Howard Sattler.


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