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The ambitious city lawyer tackles the legal system of the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia. 1:Sorry Business, 2:Reading the Signs, 3:The Fallout, 4:The Devil You Know, 5:Of Mice and Men, 6:Swings and Roundabouts

Explores the controversy of euthanasia through personal stories.

A story about Bertram Wainer's campaign for abortion law reform

The unusual trial cases of Western Australia's outback magistrates court

The people who took on one of the world's biggest cigarette producers and won

Two juries decide the fate of the accused in a fictional murder case

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A convicted murderer and child sex offender are given a chance to prove their innocence.

Real judges, real lawyers and real jurors, allow the audience into the real drama behind the scenes of a major criminal justice case.

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The tale of a 19th century law clerk who transforms from a model of industry to a dissident and heretic. Based on the story by Herman Melville.

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The travelling court in the Kimberly region.
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