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The revealing portrait of young musical prodigy Hephzibah Menuhin.

After the death of his father, Yuri returns from Israel to the strict Chasidic community of Sydney. Losing his faith in Judaism, he rejects his former girlfriend Rivka and starts driving taxis. He falls for Sarita and in his grieving state takes much…

LONG SHADOWS examines the implications of caring for ageing survivors of the Holocaust.

Caring for the survivors of the Holocaust

In 1999 Jewish artist Bob Fischer visited Australia and wooed a number of Melbourne art dealers and artists into supporting a large-scale collaborative art project...What initially seemed humorous turned calamitious as frayed tensions erupted and…

Reconciliation and justice for Holocaust survivors.

Documents the conflict between documentary filmmakers and their subjects after the release of the film Original Schtick.

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A group of survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp meet each year for a ball
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