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The lives of elderly Anglo-Indians living in Calcutta.

In Japan, a married Western couple seek, and find, a third person, a Japanese girl, to stimulate their jaded love-making.

A tale about a family living in outback Australia who are saved from a drought by a magical bead-necklace which turns into a billabong.

In the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, a grass roots family makes a precarious living by trading in betelnut, one of the world's most widely used narcotics.

Explores the private world of Indian royalty.

The drug trade of central Asia and its impact on world politics.

How the 'White Australia' policy affected U.S. Troops based in Australia during World War II

The true story of the Samoan people.

On Bougainville, a broken community is turning to tradition to heal the rifts caused by a decade of armed conflict. The 1998 ceasefire may have stopped neighbour killing neighbour but the legacy remains - loss, anger, pain, distrust and a desire for…

Two-part documentary about the privitisation of prisons in the USA and Australia.

A variety of young Hong Kong residents describe their present lifestyles and what may happen after the 30.6.97. handover of Hong Kong to China, by Britain.

The political and socio-economic legacy of US military bases around the world

The human cost of international people smuggling and trafficking. Ep Titles: 1.Human Cargo, 2.Slaves of the Free Market

The history of Asian food through culture and history

The experiences of young people in PNG highlands.

Shooting in Australia, America, England, France and Morocco, the film examines the plight of more than 20,000 children whose human rights are in international limbo due to parental child abduction

An Australian film tells the story of a Hong Kong family's culture shock on migrating to Australia to join their daughter and her husband.

Forty years after the revolution.

The wheeling and dealing behind global soccer that has undergirded Asia's emergence as a major power in World Soccer.

Mini-documentaries about the world's people, places and cultures

The people, places and cultures of the world

The grandson of a former Hungarian Prime Minister returns home.

The revealing portrait of young musical prodigy Hephzibah Menuhin.

The lives and dreams of homeless people around the globe

The origins and evolution of the myth of the 'Pacific Woman'.

Two children living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Behind the scenes rescues of international travellers

Young people from Sydney's Samoan, Fijian, and Tongan communities tell their stories.

Portrait of Canadian artist John Callaghan

A young Australian woman returns to Chile to rediscover the country and culture she left behind when she was six years old. She follows the route her ancestor, Ingnacio Domeyko, took when he left Poland to journey to Chile.

Scores of Japanese civilians were abducted by North Korean spies and held for decades

The story of the famous 'Thieves Market' or 'Chore Bazaar' in Mumbai India.

A journey along the Napo river in Equador to the Amazon.

China through the eyes of two young fashion designers.

Holocaust survivors on an epic journey

Humanitarian peace-keeping mission in Somalia, spearheaded by America, ended in a violent battle. Documentary investigates the stand-off against warlord General Aideed.

In April 1975, in the closing days of the Vietnam War, more than 3000 babies were airlifted from Saigon orphanages and delivered into the arms of waiting couples in the US, Canada, Britain, Europe and Australia. The displacement of people caused by…

In 1999 Jewish artist Bob Fischer visited Australia and wooed a number of Melbourne art dealers and artists into supporting a large-scale collaborative art project...What initially seemed humorous turned calamitious as frayed tensions erupted and…

Experiences of a group of young women working in India's IT industry

A look at fafafines, young boys raised as girls in Western Samoa.

Reconciliation and justice for Holocaust survivors.

Australian scientist Howard Florey, and the team who created the miracle cure, penicillan

The Australia Federal Police find adventure and challenges in the region as they join the multinational police force known as the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) and embark on a tour of duty in East Timor.

A mother sues an Indonesian general over the death of her son.

A documentary about the criminal culture known as 'Raskolism' in the urban and rural areas of Papua New Guinea. This story is told by the groups of Raskols themselves

An incident in South America.

In the middle of the XIXth century, the Occident developed a passion for tea. But China was the only tea producer and seller. For five thousand years, it was jealously guarding the manufacturing secrets and refused to share them. The Britannic…

Explores the complexities of first world aid to the third world

The history of the Eurovision song contest and Australia's current push to be allowed in
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