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The history of Australia's relationship with East Timor

Filmed over four years, journalist William Nessen record the battlefields and burnt-out villages of the Aceh province in Indonesia

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The story of Taring Padi, a revolutionary art movement in Indonesia.

Indonesian fishermen detained in Broome prison

Events surrounding the murder of six of Indonesian's generals in 1965 have always been surrounded by controversy. This documentary takes advantage of recently declassified documents to try reconstruct what really happened, and also shows the extent…

The Diplomat takes up Ramos Horta's story in the final dramatic stages of his long journey - the fall of Indonesia's President Suharto, the referendum to determine East Timor's future, the overwhelming vote for independence, the devastating carnage…

A mother sues an Indonesian general over the death of her son.

A great surf beach tucked away on a remote Indonesian island becomes a centre of a West-meets-East story in which the mythical sow who could excrete gold is worked to death
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