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Looks at domestic violence in Aboriginal communities and thus takes us deep into the heart of the complex lives of black Australians. It shows both the personal stories of women who have been in abusive relationships and some of the many Aboriginal…

Animated animal myths and legends, these enchanting five-minute tales bring to life stories of how some of Australia's native animals came to look the way they do, and why the moon and the stars appear in the sky...

A century ago the Torres Strait Islands in far North Australia were the famous subjects of the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition, yet the resulting depletion of their cultural artifacts left them with nothing but a history of remembered loss. In a…

Flinders Island people and their land claim

The art of tracking

Folklore, legends, and ritual from the Pacific islands. Sources include: Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Fiji, Philippines, Samoa, PNG.

Musical about the rite of passage of an Aboriginal boy caught between two worlds.

This film is a perilous journey into the very core of the Aboriginal psyche. A troubled young warrior, alone in a cell, is watched by a dreamtime spirit when death comes calling.

Explores how the relationship between a Koori boy and his father is strengthened through the death of a magpie lark ("the peewee").

This film is based on Richard Frankland's experiences as a Field Officer/Investigator for the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

This video is a dramatization of a "payback" for and Aboriginal man after his release from goal.

This short film follows the journey of two country boys, one white and one black, who find themselves out of place in the hustle and bustle of a big city. Here in this unfamiliar environment, they may just learn that they are not as different as they…

Describes a young Koori girl's struggle to make her dreams come true. Highlights the cultural conflict of the girl's Koori background and her white relationships.

The struggle of Aboriginal people against an ineffectual health system.

Essay film portraying the process of government led amendments to the Native Title Act.

A social history of Darwin as told by the real insiders - the Buffalo Football Club veterans. Fighting racism and discrimination on the football field in this frontier town.

Aboriginal artists struggle against commercial exploitation

An aboriginal couple broke tribal law and ran away together. Another man was sent to kill them but they escaped into the dessert. Half a century later the would-be executioner leads an expedition into remote WA to find out if they are still alive…

The lives and work of six contemporary Australian Indigenous artists.

Drama about three aboriginal half sisters who reunite at their mothers funeral

A middle aged woman confronts her family at a funeral.

A story of mateship between two WW1 soldiers, one black, one white.

Aboriginal shearer's daughter enters the Miss Australia quest.

An awkward young couple spend their first night apart (in language)

An albino Aboriginal girl realises she belongs nowhere.

Margie meets up with two old men who knew her family, but moves on with her journey before they can tell her about them.

Aboriginal youths hold up a service station and abducts a young girl.

An aboriginal boy is sent away from from his community in Broome.

Two aboriginal teenagers leave the mission for a new life.

The reuniting of an aboriginal family.

A black tracker must choose between loyalty and his ancestral soul.

An old woman tells her daughter of her arranged marriage (in language).

Channel 4 Wales and SBSi coproduction - Indigenous Tales


The 'mapping' of the Ngurrara clan in Western Australia.

A performance by the Bangarra dance company.

The travelling court in the Kimberly region.

The Fitzroy River, in the Kimberley region of Australia's north west, is a location of contending readings of 'landscape' and 'country', promising radically divergent futures for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians as developers seek to dam the…

Tells three stories of Aboriginal people who were removed from their families as part of the stolen generations. These stories are combined with expert opnion from two well known Australian historians...

In a new initiative, SBSi and the National Indigenous Media Association of Australia (NIMAA) have agreed to co-finance a series of 5 x 1/2 hr docs to be produced by Indig filmmakers. The Central Australia Aboriginal Media Assoc was selected as the…


An outback romance with elements of magic realism.

Drama of two boyhood adversaries (Kelton Pell and Geoff Kelso) brought together by coincidence in adulthood, who seek to reach a mutual understanding. To do with a corrugated iron canoe. The two rivers are the Canning and the Swan.


From the bush to the city, Aboriginal people have used country music to tell their stories of life and the struggle for justice. Featuring rare recordings, archival images and first-hand interviews with the singers and songwriters, Buried Country…

Archie Roach travels Australia to share tales of survival by members of the stolen generations in this feature-length doco.

An Indigenous surfing festival.

This is the story of the Benedictine Aboriginal Mission at New Norcia, now a popular tourist destination, north of Perth. The former Aboriginal inmates tell the story of their separation from their families and their placement in this institution.…

The controversy surrounding plans to mine uranium at Jabiluka in Kakadu national park.

The process taking place within a reconciliation study circle in Manly.

A mini-series of two 75 minute programs about the plight of Victoria's Aborigines from 1835-51.

The coming of age of three aboriginal boys in north-east Arnhem Land.

An indigenous drama about how heroes, villians and myths are constructed


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