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A road movie meets the Stolen Generation


A young urban professional invests in Aboriginal art

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Adulthood is forced upon a young girl

Two cousins reunited after many years apart

First time teachers sent to an outback high school

The history of Indigenous Australia from pre-history to the present day.

There are only a few great tales of true resistance in our nations

An archaeological who-dun-it set in the remote and beautiful Kimberly region of WA

Photography on the Mean Streets of Sydney by Darren Moyle

Jane Elliott's workshop against racism

The story of Joe Bussard Jnr and his collecting obsession.

Indigenous variety show from Broome


It's 1922; somewhere in Australia. When a Native Australian man is accused of murdering a white woman, three white men (The Fanatic, The Follower and The Veteran) are given the mission of capturing him with the help of an experienced Native…

The story of Lena, the light-skinned daughter of an Aboriginal mother and Irish father and Vaughn, a Murri boy doing time in a minimum security prison in North West NSW. Dramatic events throw them together on a journey with no money and no transport.…

In Prospect Bay, a remote outpost on the South Australian coast, two communities, the Goonyas (whites) and the Nungas (blacks), come together on the one field they have in common, the football field. But the underlying racism and class warfare…

RAN is an Australian television program, filmed entirely on Masig Island in the tropical Torres Strait north of the Cape York Peninsula, the northernmost part of Australia, and the border with Papua New Guinea.

Two 50 minute drama series with AFC Indigenous Unit and five 10 minute short dramas


National Indigenous Documentary Series 5: Five half hour documentary films produced with the National Indigenous Media Association of Australia


Mark is an didjeridu player, born from a Yamaji mother and Irish father, a man from two worlds. In this documentary he invites us on tour where he plays in New York with Philip Glass and his return to Australia where he plays at the Yamaji Festival…

Ray Cotti was born to Aboriginal parents but adopted at a young age by a Swiss German family in Sydney. Growing up in a European culture, he thought of himself as white. Then at the age of eight, Ray was removed from his adoptive family and, after…

Lake Jasper, hostel for Indigenous boys.

Steven Craig manages a highly successful cattle station for its traditional owners, the Mistake Creek community. Situated on the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, the property has earned a reputation for its cattle and is…

When Bill and Mick Thaiday grew up on Palm Island in the 1950s, it was radio that took their minds away from the strict regime imposed by the Aboriginal Protection Act. Later, it would also free them from the grip of alcohol addiction and start them…

The basket waeving ladies of Munarangk

Naomi Mayers is a very determined woman. She has a generous laugh and a strong spirit which comes from her deep family ties to the old Cummeragunja mission. She's been the CEO of the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) in Sydney's Redfern for many…

Many people know of Bonita Mabo, widow of Eddie Mabo, and the native title claim they successfully fought on behalf of his Torres Strait Islander people. Little has been said, however, about the quiet yet strong-willed woman who stood with her…

The massacre at Mowla Bluff in the KimberlysWhispering in Our Hearts is a documentary film about a Western Australian Aboriginal community

Witnesses two powerful performance artists, Ningali Lawford and James Luna, using humour & drama to confront the prejudices about indigenous people in Australia and the USA. This is their four day encounter over a satellite video link spanning the…

This documentary follows the creative journeys of Idris Murphy, Gloria Petyarre, Judy Watson, Peter Sharp, Jenny Sages, from blank canvas to finished painting.

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The life of a senior Aborigine over four seasons

Interweaves fiction and biography, history and memory to explore the extraordinary life of anthropologist and linguist Daisy Bates.

Performer and writer Leah Purcell talks with five dynamic Indigenous women - Rosanna Angus, Kathryn Hay, Deborah Mailman, Cilla Malone and Tammy Williams - about what it means to be Aboriginal in Australia today.

Mary G is a dynamic character and cheeky personality who occupies any medium, as proven so far through the many demands and expectations on her to deliver corporate, commercial and public television content. She has had her own very successful…


Kate is on a plane taking Warren, her 18 year old Torres Strait Islander foster son, to meet Flo, his birth mother, who is gravely ill in hospital in Brisbane. Flo hasn't seen Warren since she took him to the hospital on Thursday Island when he was a…

A collaboration with indigenous young people in Redfern.

The history of the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs.

Uncle Kiddo Taylor: the extraordinary lives of Indigenous Australians

Indigenous Artists living in Balgo Hills region travel across country.

The controversy of Ted Strehlow's collection of artifacts, photographs and films. Strehlow was an anthropologist who spent most of his working life documenting on 16mm film the lives of the Aboriginal communities of Central Australia.

The story of Harold Furber one of the 'Stolen Generation'.

Indigenous birthing practices in Canada and Australia.

An indigenous drama about how heroes, villians and myths are constructed


The coming of age of three aboriginal boys in north-east Arnhem Land.

A mini-series of two 75 minute programs about the plight of Victoria's Aborigines from 1835-51.

The process taking place within a reconciliation study circle in Manly.

The controversy surrounding plans to mine uranium at Jabiluka in Kakadu national park.

This is the story of the Benedictine Aboriginal Mission at New Norcia, now a popular tourist destination, north of Perth. The former Aboriginal inmates tell the story of their separation from their families and their placement in this institution.…

An Indigenous surfing festival.

Archie Roach travels Australia to share tales of survival by members of the stolen generations in this feature-length doco.

From the bush to the city, Aboriginal people have used country music to tell their stories of life and the struggle for justice. Featuring rare recordings, archival images and first-hand interviews with the singers and songwriters, Buried Country…
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