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The hidden world of sleep and sleep disorders. Pt. 1. Awake is the new sleep (56 min.)

The challenge for Australians to detox their homes

How Richard Moir coped with the onset of Parkinson's disease.

Nurse Maggie Sister wants to change common perceptions about leprosy

Director Geoff Burton establishes a remarkable intimacy with his subjects in this extremely moving documentary looking at the work of Liverpool Hospital's Intensive Care Unit. The film focuses on one patient: Mohammad Hossain.

A story about the wrong person, the right place, at the wrong time

If today's flu doesn't get us, history tells us that another one will

Cancer patients sing their way to health

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This is the journey of a man suffering from Parkinson's disease. Ross Collins tells of his past twelve years' experiences of living with Parkinson's. Before, he had a steady job with Victoria Police, with promising future prospects; and was happily…

Is there a connection between the invention of pharmaceuticals and the discovery of new medical syndromes and conditions for which they might prove affective?

A boy's survival as seen through the eyes of his parents and doctor

For Bob and his family, the Vietnam War is still raging

A captivating tale of horror and adventure in a strange land

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A dark and irreverent comedy about illness, work, death and a young man who learns to survive it all.


DR FRUIT-LOOP GOES TO EAST TIMOR traces the journey of three Australian Clown Doctors to war-torn East Timor. They intend to bring smiles to the faces of sick and traumatised East Timorese children. The reality of life in East Timor is a shock.

A Perth woman's battle with Mesothiloma

Inspirational story of a cystic fibrosis sufferer
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