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Complications occur when the sperm donor wants to be the Dad

The provocative story of Australia's talented women jockeys and their determination to win against the odds - in this case the men of Australian racing

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A highly charged story of India's first-ever female police officer

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A story about Bertram Wainer's campaign for abortion law reform

The major life stages experienced by men and women from diverse backgrounds.

A confronting documentary about three teenage girls from Melbourne's west

Former child soldiers from Sudan break the taboo against cooking

A surf safari by three girls.

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Paul is single, straight and 37 and nothing would suggest he is anything other than the regular, car loving "Aussie" he appears to be at first glance. Underneath it is a different story. Paul is transgendered, and although he still lives as a man and…

A glimpse into the arcane working class world of a professional wrestler

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Performer and writer Leah Purcell talks with five dynamic Indigenous women - Rosanna Angus, Kathryn Hay, Deborah Mailman, Cilla Malone and Tammy Williams - about what it means to be Aboriginal in Australia today.

An Aussie man's pride can be measured by his shed, its size, contents and capabilities

CARLA CAMETTI PD is a fast-paced and fresh crime series with a young Italian female as its lead. It is human drama with lashings of crime and a huge dollop of wit, casting an eye across the incongruity of earthy day-to-day life butting up against the…

Two young women celebrate their 21st birthdays in Broome.


Four bush bachelors sign up for a dating initiative in the hope of finding the perfect woman.

A story of incest and repurcussions in adult life

Pizza, dieting and the search for Prince Charming

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What happens when Sydney comes together with Mardi Gras?

Fearless examines the experiences of four women fighting for social justice. Each is from a different culture and has her own fascinating story to tell. All are united by their refusal to remain silent and accepting. These courageous and committed…

Coping with the demands of motherhood, Vicki, a young artist, escapes into an ill-conceived love affair. This only makes matters worse, throwing her and the household into emotional turmoil.

A short about a first date that goes wrong.

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Adulthood is forced upon a young girl

A young girl tries to figure out sex and all that stuff

Features the work of Sister Ann-Maree Jensen, a 40 year old Catholic nun, who flies her single engine Cessna to some of the most remote outback areas to fulfil her pastoral role, sharing hopes, dreams, joys and sorrows with mainly outback women.

A film about women and football, from fans to fanatics to girlfriends.

Small stories about the transformative power of frocking up

A single mothers journey from legal secretary to sword-wielding Gladiatrix.

An exploration of the counter culture flourishing behind the facade of Japan Inc. reveals a collection of bizarre dissidents.

Everything you ever wanted to know about sex

The origins and evolution of the myth of the 'Pacific Woman'.

This imaginative documentary tells the story of a dominatrix with Marfan syndrome. It examines Jabe

The basket waeving ladies of Munarangk

Female survivors of sexual abuse turn to circus skills for therapy

Drama series that looks at love in a whole new way

A woman's crusade to build the best sex empire in Australia

Universal mating patterns as seen through the eyes of three Australian men.

A girl begins the search for her real father

Tired of waiting for the perfect partner, and alarmed by the deafening

The NPY Aboriginal women's council in SA and NT.


Aboriginal shearer's daughter enters the Miss Australia quest.

A town and a transvestite city councillor.

This video is about Kath Duncan, a one-armed, one-legged young radio broadcaster on her journey of self-discovery. Through her eyes we take a look at the world of amputees and their devotees, that is, people, generally men, who are sexually attracted…

Topless men and women speak abour their lives

A film about a young women who gives up acareer as a lawyer and travels to Jerusalem to study Judaism and becoming a Rabbi. This film examines the changing role of women in Judaism

The social history of the Jacaranda festival through the eyes of the Jacaranda Queens

In the early hours of March 24th 2002, Wendy Chandler awoke to a stranger taking off his clothes. He held her down, raped her and fled. At the time of the rape, Wendy was an award-winning filmmaker.

Experiences of a group of young women working in India's IT industry

An exploration of Australian social history during WWII

A look at fafafines, young boys raised as girls in Western Samoa.

The misadventures of recently paralyzed man and his equally handicapped friends.
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