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Against the backdrop of a conservative political environment, gay couples are testing the boundaries of traditional marriage and family values, and are overcoming considerable legal and cultural limitations to have children. Man Made: The Story of…

The Safe House is a half-hour animation based on a true story - a young girl's innocent perspective of one of the most talked about moments in Australia

Two cousins reunited after many years apart

A girl begins the search for her real father

A young girl tries to figure out sex and all that stuff

Two sisters dream of a life beyond suburban Adelaide

Four couples try for a baby using the IVF process

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A fisherman loses his livlihood after a mining disaster.

A remarkable documentary about 47 year old Iranian woman who flees to Australia with her children only to end up falling in love with a 77 year old digger.

A story of incest and repurcussions in adult life

A family home on Brisbanes Mt Cootha

Steven Craig manages a highly successful cattle station for its traditional owners, the Mistake Creek community. Situated on the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, the property has earned a reputation for its cattle and is…

Welcome to the Waks Family is a portrait of the largest natural family in Australia. The parents

The life of a senior Aborigine over four seasons

Family saga spanning three generations across three countries.

Australia's top animators

A tale about a family living in outback Australia who are saved from a drought by a magical bead-necklace which turns into a billabong.

Kate is on a plane taking Warren, her 18 year old Torres Strait Islander foster son, to meet Flo, his birth mother, who is gravely ill in hospital in Brisbane. Flo hasn't seen Warren since she took him to the hospital on Thursday Island when he was a…

Barney and Dimi search for their father. Ep.6.Greeks

A 'stolen child' whose values have been shaped by her upbringing

The filmmaker seeks her lost Russian aunt. Ep.7.Russians

A couple seek to adopt a South Korean child.

The producer's parents and their trans-national relaitonship. Ep.13.Greeks

A filmmaker haunted by his grandfather's fascist past. Ep.11.Italians

A Bangladeshi photographer and his sons relationship. Ep.10.Bangladeshis.

Indigenous birthing practices in Canada and Australia.

Families dealing with autism.

Upholding Islamic traditions in Australia. Ep.8.Turks

Mullet is about a sweet fish that no one wants to eat. It's about wild card Eddie Maloney, whose nickname is Mullet. And it's about life in a sleepy country fishing town. But most of all, it's about life, family, making do with what you're got and…

The fourth million dollar movie with AFC. A young Victorian boy's perspective on family life, growing up poor, and being on the run from institutional care

Lola, a hot-blooded Spaniard, is deserted by her husband for a cool and calculating Aussie blonde. Lola is pregnant again but she and their daughter Lucia are left to starve while Ricardo spends all their savings on a sleek new set of wheels for his…

Lithuania's 20th century is explored through life of the filmmaker's uncle Chatzkel.

A family's miscarriage of justice.

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The dilemmas and depth of feeling in a family where the centre of attention is a limbless child.

The secrecy and shame of adoption in the 60s.

The relationship between an estranged father and his son.

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An intimate portrait of Buddhist nun, Robina Courtin, by her nephew Amiel Courtin-Wilson.

A teenage girl struggles to come to terms with the breakdown of her family and their relocation to Perth's outer suburbs.

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Coping with the demands of motherhood, Vicki, a young artist, escapes into an ill-conceived love affair. This only makes matters worse, throwing her and the household into emotional turmoil.

The story of the long-running Ashton circus.

A mother sues an Indonesian general over the death of her son.

The grandson of a former Hungarian Prime Minister returns home.

An Indian/ Australian filmmaker explores the legacy of her two grandmothers.

A young filmmaker's weight loss attempt prior to meeting her mother.

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An old woman tells her daughter of her arranged marriage (in language).

Generational conflicts in a Vietnamese family in Melbourne.

The reuniting of an aboriginal family.

Vietnamese brothers and the murder of their parents.

Margie meets up with two old men who knew her family, but moves on with her journey before they can tell her about them.

A middle aged woman confronts her family at a funeral.
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