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THE NEST follows three very different Australian families as they participate in a social experiment to find out how prepared (or unprepared!) they are for living sustainable, independent lives.

Best mates Eddie and Charlie's spiritual journey goes off track and becomes a riotous trip through outback Australia.

An eccentric family who run a taxi service on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait

An Armenian family and their North Shore Beauty salon

The major life stages experienced by men and .

Tired of waiting for the perfect partner, and alarmed by the deafening

Refugee families from Burma and Sudan discover the joys and challenges of their new Australian home.

Parent's difficulties in raising a child

Explores the state of Australian fertility through individual families. Ep Titles: 1. Search for a donor; 2.Donor Generation

Aaron and Vinnie Pedersen are two brothers who have been each other's shadow. Aaron has established a successful career as an actor, all the while being responsible for the care of Vinnie, who has mild intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy. MY…

The story of three young Ethiopian Australians who return home to reconect with their friends, family and culture

Complications occur when the sperm donor wants to be the Dad

From Shanghai to 1960s suburban Australia, comes a tale of passion and betrayal

A young Indian-Australian fights for her independence when she marries into a traditional Indian family in Pajasthan.

Can Ted, a homosexual, reconcile with his Macedonian father who shunned him

Two young women swap families, friends and countries to experience each others lives

At Sydney's Canterbury Hospital nearly 80 %of the mothers-to-be were born outside Australia. As well as catering for this cultural diversity and managing their special needs staff must, as always, judge when to let nature take its course and when to…

Three Australian-Afghani brothers return to Afghanistan to set up a media empire

The forced removal and adoption of children from unmarried mothers

An emergency children's doctor who suffers the loss of her own child

Two sisters married to the same man

After the death of his father, Yuri returns from Israel to the strict Chasidic community of Sydney. Losing his faith in Judaism, he rejects his former girlfriend Rivka and starts driving taxis. He falls for Sarita and in his grieving state takes much…

Neighbours join forces to create a community soccer team

Follows time-poor Australian families struggling to achieve a balance between their professional and personal lives as they consult lifestyle management experts.

The story of four short stature people from Sydney's western suburbs

Actor Tom E. Lewis searches for the burial place of his father. During the journey, Lewis struggles with inner conflicts about his attitude to his father, and his mixed-race identity.

The Lore Of Love explores the relationship between Jessie, a shy 18 year old girl and her outgoing and mischievous grandmothers.

In The Dream of Love, filmmaker Lawrence Johnston looks at the tempestuous relationship between his indigenous mother and his white father.

An agency's fight against parental abduction of children

This is the journey of a man suffering from Parkinson's disease. Ross Collins tells of his past twelve years' experiences of living with Parkinson's. Before, he had a steady job with Victoria Police, with promising future prospects; and was happily…

Kosova Australian, Sel Beha, returns to his homeland after 16 years to attend his brother's wedding.

A young girl in Alice Springs learns about the value of life and the value of family.

Set in Alice Springs, one brother is determined to go to Coober Pedy but the other is determined to stop him.

Family conflict Italian style, a young man returns to the isolated fishing village where he grew up.

In a winter landscape of rural Australia, an adolescent girl discovers the difference between sex and love.

The family has allowed a reality TV show into their home and lives and its about to go to air

Portraits of Australian Family Life: 1.The Chakos Family: 3 generations under one roof; 2.The Puckeridge Family: 5 children under ten; 3.The Kapsalides Family: Mum and two daughters

Oral and visual history of a Russian Aboriginal Family that spans Australia's 20th century, an epic love story pf a Russian nobleman and his aboriginal wife.

he result of a series of community projects run by Big Heart, a non-profit organisation.

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Stories of some big, life-changing decisions. Queensland series. Eps: 1.Counting the Days, 2.Little Sister, 3.Unchain My Heart, 4.Fast Trackers

A newborn and paediatric emergency transport retrieval team at work

The law and divorce as seen across different cultural groups. Eps 1.Breaking Up, 2.Conflict,3.Rebuilding

The technology exists to allow us to design our own babies and Australian doctors are in the forefront of the genetics race. But is it a good thing?

The Story of Australian, David Hicks, imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba without charges and awaiting trial by military court. (NB: Narrator, Curtis Levy; David Hicks' letters read by Brendam Cowell)

Steve 'The Sandman' Abbott takes his mother back to their ancestral home in Siberia to meet his long lost relatives - or are they? Part documentary, part travelogue, part Beverly Hillbillies

A man is shaken by an old TV show's footage of his dead brother

When a Melbourne couple decide to adopt Petra a small Croation girl, they embark on an emotional roller-coaster that uncovers a tragic past and raises some moral questions.

In the Town of Young, a love story unfolds in a community beset by good intentions, a racist history and some newly arrived Afghan asylum seekers

A boy's survival as seen through the eyes of his parents and doctor
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