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An emergency children's doctor who suffers the loss of her own child

The story of the discovery of Lithium, a drug that changed psychiatry and people's lives forever.

James Dalmann killed himself when he was twenty. In this very personal film, the director returns to Geraldton, Western Australia with her sister Alix to document the impact of her brother's death. Although this film is about James it is also Alix's…

Traces the steps of Tracey Callander and her husband Simon Palamarres through the illness known as post-natal depression.

Features interviews with sufferers of various anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive neuroses and agoraphobia.

Discusses the issue of depression by interviewing people who have experienced therapy and medical treatments for depression. The program also features interviews with health professionals and looks at the impact that depression has on people's lives.
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