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Sixteen-year-old Alice Palmer drowns while swimming in the local dam, near the town of Ararat. After she is laid to rest, her family start experiencing a series of strange and inexplicable events.

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So you think you can argue with death. Think again


Explores the controversy of euthanasia through personal stories.

An emergency children's doctor who suffers the loss of her own child

After the death of his father, Yuri returns from Israel to the strict Chasidic community of Sydney. Losing his faith in Judaism, he rejects his former girlfriend Rivka and starts driving taxis. He falls for Sarita and in his grieving state takes much…

During one unusually hot and tragic weekend, four people struggle after hearing some life-changing news, this in turn brings them together.

For Australian documentary filmmaker John Darling, the tragic events of 12 October 2002 compelled him to re-establish his links with Bali that spanned some 30 years. John had lived, researched and made films in Bali for 17 years from the 1970s to the…

A man is shaken by an old TV show's footage of his dead brother

A story of death and grief

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In Prospect Bay, a remote outpost on the South Australian coast, two communities, the Goonyas (whites) and the Nungas (blacks), come together on the one field they have in common, the football field. But the underlying racism and class warfare…

James Dalmann killed himself when he was twenty. In this very personal film, the director returns to Geraldton, Western Australia with her sister Alix to document the impact of her brother's death. Although this film is about James it is also Alix's…

The odd biography of a man who has Tourette's Syndrome, chronic bad luck, menial jobs, nudist tendencies, and a book of "fakts" hung around his neck.

After the death of a friend, a household of long time friends and family are tossed into the myopic world of grief, where jealousy, betrayal and desire override more polite reactions to death.

The coming of age of three aboriginal boys in north-east Arnhem Land.

A mother sues an Indonesian general over the death of her son.

The issue of death and dying.


A positive new approach to funerals.


Vietnamese brothers and the murder of their parents.

A middle aged woman confronts her family at a funeral.

This film is based on Richard Frankland's experiences as a Field Officer/Investigator for the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Explores how the relationship between a Koori boy and his father is strengthened through the death of a magpie lark ("the peewee").

This film is a perilous journey into the very core of the Aboriginal psyche. A troubled young warrior, alone in a cell, is watched by a dreamtime spirit when death comes calling.
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