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A geneological investigation into famous Australians

The livlihoods and traditions of those connected to the sea

The people, places and cultures of the world

How colours define our world

The history of Asian food through culture and history

The livlihoods and traditions of those connected with the sea

Mini-documentaries about the world's people, places and cultures

Explores the universal nature of night and how we experience it

Well-known Australians play detective as they go in search of their family history, revealing secrets from the past.

Cathy Freeman and Deborah Mailman present Lonely Planet's Guide to Indigenous Australia. Eps 1.The Kimberly, 2.Rodeo Country, 3.Croc Country, 4.Arnhem Land

Antipodean adventure that follows the making of the feature film Ten Canoes

The streets of LA, New York, Miami, and Atlanta are where the urban roots of rap music are found

The social history of the Jacaranda festival through the eyes of the Jacaranda Queens

Leah Purcell explains the history of Indigenous place names

An epic Indigenous tale of love set in the 19th century at the moment the Yolngu people's world changed forever

The largest single study into Australian sex habits ever undertaken by an LaTrobe university. Ep Titles: 1. From Grandma to the Pill, 2. The New Order

The basket waeving ladies of Munarangk

Family saga spanning three generations across three countries.

The true story of the Samoan people.

A tale about a family living in outback Australia who are saved from a drought by a magical bead-necklace which turns into a billabong.

Filmmaker Dean Jefferys' return to the Amazon.

A filmmakers search for identity at a Samoan wedding. Ep.12.Samoans.

Indigenous birthing practices in Canada and Australia.

The coming of age of three aboriginal boys in north-east Arnhem Land.

The social, environmental and cultural legacy of commercial logging in the Solomon Islands.

From the bush to the city, Aboriginal people have used country music to tell their stories of life and the struggle for justice. Featuring rare recordings, archival images and first-hand interviews with the singers and songwriters, Buried Country…

Compelling oral history of migrants. Narrator: Mary Kostakidis

A social worker who practices traditional Swazi rituals in Albany.

The Fitzroy River, in the Kimberley region of Australia's north west, is a location of contending readings of 'landscape' and 'country', promising radically divergent futures for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians as developers seek to dam the…

Confusion and identity loss by third generation Chinese/Australians.

An Indian/ Australian filmmaker explores the legacy of her two grandmothers.

The 'mapping' of the Ngurrara clan in Western Australia.

Generational conflicts in a Vietnamese family in Melbourne.

A black tracker must choose between loyalty and his ancestral soul.

One of China's oldest cultural traditions, the family circus.

An aboriginal couple broke tribal law and ran away together. Another man was sent to kill them but they escaped into the dessert. Half a century later the would-be executioner leads an expedition into remote WA to find out if they are still alive…

A great surf beach tucked away on a remote Indonesian island becomes a centre of a West-meets-East story in which the mythical sow who could excrete gold is worked to death

Six young NESB people growing up fast in urban Australia, some well protected, some very exposed, but all trying to live with the confusing mix of traditional family values and a modern life-style

A variety of young Hong Kong residents describe their present lifestyles and what may happen after the 30.6.97. handover of Hong Kong to China, by Britain.

Contemporary Life in Bougainville.

Folklore, legends, and ritual from the Pacific islands. Sources include: Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Fiji, Philippines, Samoa, PNG.

Explores the ancient Arabic dance form Raks Shaqui, misinterpreted in the west as "belly dancing", and its rise in popularity among western women

A century ago the Torres Strait Islands in far North Australia were the famous subjects of the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition, yet the resulting depletion of their cultural artifacts left them with nothing but a history of remembered loss. In a…
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