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The Australia Federal Police find adventure and challenges in the region as they join the multinational police force known as the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) and embark on a tour of duty in East Timor.

The history of Asian food through culture and history

The plight of women and children caught up in prostitution's trade routes across Asia and Australia

Fearless examines the experiences of four women fighting for social justice. Each is from a different culture and has her own fascinating story to tell. All are united by their refusal to remain silent and accepting. These courageous and committed…

Indonesian fishermen detained in Broome prison

In the middle of the XIXth century, the Occident developed a passion for tea. But China was the only tea producer and seller. For five thousand years, it was jealously guarding the manufacturing secrets and refused to share them. The Britannic…

A filmmakers search for identity at a Samoan wedding. Ep.12.Samoans.

Dramatised film based on the slide show written by William Yang.

The story of cinematographer Christopher Doyle and his life in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Asia Pacific Filmmakers record social changes. Narrators: Diana Brown, Hugo Weaving.

Young people from Sydney's Samoan, Fijian, and Tongan communities tell their stories.

A great surf beach tucked away on a remote Indonesian island becomes a centre of a West-meets-East story in which the mythical sow who could excrete gold is worked to death

A variety of young Hong Kong residents describe their present lifestyles and what may happen after the 30.6.97. handover of Hong Kong to China, by Britain.

Contemporary Life in Bougainville.

Folklore, legends, and ritual from the Pacific islands. Sources include: Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Fiji, Philippines, Samoa, PNG.

Based on four interviews with King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia, traces the highs and lows of his career through more than half a century, since he was placed on the throne by the French when he was 18 years old

One New Years Eve 1991, 56 Chinese refugees landed in a wooden boat, code-named Isabella, on the shores of far north western Australia. After week in the desert all survived but were soon placed in detention at Port Hedland

A documentary about the criminal culture known as 'Raskolism' in the urban and rural areas of Papua New Guinea. This story is told by the groups of Raskols themselves
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