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Sixteen of Australia's finest contemporary artists create a series of 30 second artworks for television

The story of a man who runs the only Freaky Cult trash video store in Brisbane

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From Mentals to Mambo, aliens to Jesus, the world of Reg Mombassa, artist and rock star comes to life

A young urban professional invests in Aboriginal art

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The history of Indigenous Australia from pre-history to the present day.

The life and work of Chinese painter (in exile in Australia), Nancy King (Ming Yu)

An archaeological who-dun-it set in the remote and beautiful Kimberly region of WA

Photography on the Mean Streets of Sydney by Darren Moyle

This documentary follows the creative journeys of Idris Murphy, Gloria Petyarre, Judy Watson, Peter Sharp, Jenny Sages, from blank canvas to finished painting.

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The story of Australian impressionist painter, John Russell

Documents the conflict between documentary filmmakers and their subjects after the release of the film Original Schtick.

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The purchase of Jackson Pollack's 'Blue Poles'

Indigenous Artists living in Balgo Hills region travel across country.

A series of interstitials exposing the life and work of the popular Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig through the animation of 50 of his cartoons.

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A witty and unique account of artist David McDiarmid, with examples of his work, his involvement with the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras as artistic director and his high profile as an AIDS activist.

A portrait of artist, Jan Brassil.

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In 1999 Jewish artist Bob Fischer visited Australia and wooed a number of Melbourne art dealers and artists into supporting a large-scale collaborative art project...What initially seemed humorous turned calamitious as frayed tensions erupted and…

The lives and work of six contemporary Australian Indigenous artists.

Aboriginal artists struggle against commercial exploitation

An account of two remarkable Chinese artists.
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