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The lives of elderly Anglo-Indians living in Calcutta.

The looming impact of global aging


Did Grandpa really cheat to win his gold medal at the Veteran Olympics and does it really matter

The relationship between an estranged father and his son.

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Stories of some big, life-changing decisions. Western Australia series. Eps: 1.Until death do them part,
2.Crunching the numbers, 3.No place for a family, 4.Broken dreams and promises

LONG SHADOWS examines the implications of caring for ageing survivors of the Holocaust.

An old man has his first massage in ages. A lingering film about touch and grief.


Caring for the survivors of the Holocaust

Being older doesn't mean you haven't got something to say


Two middle-aged couples and their feelings.

A recently seperated woman continues to care for a homeless man.
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