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East Timorese widow Rosa Martin's fight to secure freedom

A Filipino and his Australian wife battle to save virgin rainforest.

Explores the controversy of euthanasia through personal stories.

Explores the complexities of first world aid to the third world

Austen Tayshus investigates the clash between developers and greenies in a small town

An agency's fight against parental abduction of children

The people who took on one of the world's biggest cigarette producers and won

The life of anti-nuclear campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott

Fearless examines the experiences of four women fighting for social justice. Each is from a different culture and has her own fascinating story to tell. All are united by their refusal to remain silent and accepting. These courageous and committed…

The story of Taring Padi, a revolutionary art movement in Indonesia.

DR FRUIT-LOOP GOES TO EAST TIMOR traces the journey of three Australian Clown Doctors to war-torn East Timor. They intend to bring smiles to the faces of sick and traumatised East Timorese children. The reality of life in East Timor is a shock.

A woman's class action against the catholic church (AR00-01); Cath yeomans, 84, is among a group of people confronting the Catholic nuns who abused them as children (AR04-05).

The lives of two Timorese-Australian women who devote their lives to the East Timorese stryggle, one of whom returns following indpendence to help rebuild the country.

Bondi's resistance to the Olympic vollyball stadium.

The tale of a 19th century law clerk who transforms from a model of industry to a dissident and heretic. Based on the story by Herman Melville.

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A witty and unique account of artist David McDiarmid, with examples of his work, his involvement with the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras as artistic director and his high profile as an AIDS activist.

The 5 founding members of "Save Our Sons" formed during the Vietnam War to stop conscription were imprisoned in Fairlea. This is their story of SOS.

The story of animal rights activist Henry Spira
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