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How to use this site

This database has been designed to be interoperable with Dublin Core standards. However, the specific nature of the data collected in relation to SBSi has necessitated additional categories that are unlikely to correspond with other databases, and there are some anomalies worth noting. First, this database records the financial years within which all listed titles were commissioned by SBSi under the field "Date Commissioned". For content that only displays data within the fields "Date Commissioned" and "Title", it is unknown whether or not the program was completed. Not all fields are complete for each title due to the uneven availability of data. Second, the "Format" field has been used to designate whether the moving image was a documentary, documentary series, feature film, short film, short feature, interstitial, animation, animated short, animated series, animated feature, animated pilot, comedy series, drama series, reality TV, factual entertainment, hosted documentary or a television event. These are the formats (or genres) within which SBSi commissioned content. The most efficient method of searching for data about commissioned formats is via the "Search Items" option. Third, each of the titles have been tagged with thematic categories (e.g. Disability, Indigenous, Family, Refugee, Gender, Sport, Multicultural, etc), these categories also corresponds to the subject field. These tags indicate broad axes along which SBSi content can be categorised, facilitating the aggregation of data about the different themes with which SBSi content engaged. The most efficient method of searching for this aggregate data is via the "Browse by Tag Option". Finally, one of SBSi's key contributions was via its collaboration with other federal and state film financing bodies, to train a new generation of culturally diverse filmmakers. These inter-firm initiatives are designated by the fields "Accord" and "Strand". Some of the key initiatives that you might like to search for are: Million Dollar Movies, Indigenous Drama Initiative, Unfinished Business, Hybrid Life and Australia by Numbers.