SBSi Commissioned Content


SBSi Commissioned Content


Between August 1994 and December 2007, SBS Independent (SBSi) operated as a commissioning house for Australia's multicultural public broadcaster, the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). The principle function of SBSi was to commission independently produced content from local film and television makers, which reflected Australia's cultural diversity. Over a period of thirteen years, SBSi commissioned over 800 feature films, short films, documentaries, and television series, including comedy, lifestyle, drama and documentary series. In this way, the institution made a significant contribution to the mainstream representation of cultural diversity in Australia. This collection is a searchable database of the titles commissioned by SBS Independent (SBSi) between 1994 and 2007.


Amanda Malel Trevisanut

Items in the SBSi Commissioned Content Collection

THE NEST follows three very different Australian families as they participate in a social experiment to find out how prepared (or unprepared!) they are for living sustainable, independent lives.

Two rookie writer/producers from Sydney take on Broadway with a most unique show 'Angels

A geneological investigation into famous Australians

A local series of Top Gear

A multiplatform film review series for SBS Television and online

An informal comedic panel show featuring talented young Muslims

A musical quiz show hosted by Julia Zemiro

A cultural and culinary tour of Vietnam seen through the eyes of the chef of Sydney's Red Lantern restaurant.

Maeve O'Meara's popular cooking show

A glimpse into the food, culture, history, religion and traditions of Greece.

Australian singers/songwriters perform the songs of Kev Carmody live at Sydney's State Theatre.

Recognition of the outstanding contribution of ethnic business to the Australian economy.

A second series of this edgy police drama set in western Sydney.

A group of travellers attempt to take Bactrian camels from the Himalayas to the Pushkar camel fair

The history of the Eurovision song contest and Australia's current push to be allowed in

Follows two journeys of transformation that culminate in the first ever music rock concert at Uluru

Young Indigenous pilgrims travel to see the Pope in Sydney on world youth day.

The story of four Australians previously under surveillance by ASIO, whose files have now been made available.

Contemporary relationships from a perspective of culture and identity

Explores love

A second series of documentaries about the making of four classic Australian albums.

A cross-state initiative exploring the experience of being a refugee in Australia.

A confronting documentary about three teenage girls from Melbourne's west

A young cop tries new methods to police a housing commission project

In September 2006, Chinese soldiers shot a group of pilgrims as they fled Tibet. International mountain climbers filmed the shooting, helped rescue survivors and bravely broadcast their story to the world. Both sides risked their lives. Why?

Wundinna offers free land in the hope of attracting fresh energy and resources to the town

Australia's nude beauty pageant

The popular culture war in Pakistan as experienced by Islamic insurgents

An exploration of Australian social history during WWII

The Individual stories of Australia's war dead

An account of the uneasy reconciliation of the Australian band The angels

The story of Australian Phillip Blenkinsop, an award winning photjournalist making his living in the war zones of the world

Charles Firth is undertaking his own road to the White House during the US elections

The story of an Australian journalist who was a rock and roll critic in the 60s and 70s

Medical detection, cannibalism and sorcery amidst the Fore people of Papua New Guinea

About a boy who was sent to prison for a rape he didn't commit based on incorrect forensic evidence

Journeys back 60,000 years to look at Australia's megafauna

Shaun Micalief's savvy and satirical news show, season 1 (10 episodes) and season 2 (10 episodes)

A national mission to find Australia's most devoted bogan, presented by the Pizza crew.

Animated monsters overcome their personal problems

A new group of nerds are tested in the game of football

As the popularity of virtual worlds explode this gripping program weaves in and out of both the real and virtual lives of a cast of fascinating characters in the virtual world of Second Life, where people can connect and live as their 'alter egos'…

Best mates Eddie and Charlie's spiritual journey goes off track and becomes a riotous trip through outback Australia.

Sixteen-year-old Alice Palmer drowns while swimming in the local dam, near the town of Ararat. After she is laid to rest, her family start experiencing a series of strange and inexplicable events.

Vasili Kanidiadis shows off his gardening tips

A new multi-platform Movie Show format

An informal entertainment series presented by the young Muslim community

A music quiz show with a rock and roll bent hosted by Julia Zemiro

A music quiz show with a rock and roll bent hosted by Julia Zemiro

A spelling bee for kids